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An innovative, cutting edge marketing vehicle that includes ALL of the traditional forms of marketing and the instant/interactive ability of email, all-in-one (graphically intensive photos, streaming video, audio narration, music, global, instant booking option), eliminating the high costs of printing, postage, magazine/newspaper and TV/radio air time. Playgrounds Of The World & XStreamAds are known throughout the Travel Industry as the leader in graphically intensive electronic brochures, complete with interactive photo presentations, descriptive text, special offers and video. Take a look...

Individual XStreamAd Broadcasts:
     Hyatt Kauai
     Radisson Seven Seas
     All About USA
     Super Clubs
     Costa Rica


Co-op XStreamAds (several advertisers and destinations on a single XStreamAd):
     Mexico ---with music
     Cruise Vacations
     Exotic Vacations
     Fabulous Vacations
     Dude Ranch ---with music
     Bed & Breakfast ---with music

Destination XStreamAds (featuring the WHOLE destination):
     Hawaii Showcase ---with music and video. (Featuring every island)
      Belize Showcase ---Single page version

"By Car" Series:
     Arizona Vacation By Car
     New Mexico Vacation By Car


Custom Electronic Brochure:
 XStreamAd linking to several pages on a web site
     (we designed this web site & XStreamAs-email)

     NH Hotels
     California Resorts

Need a Web Site?
     Entire showcase of California
Custom Greeting Cards:
     Merry Christmas
     Happy Halloween
     Happy Thanksgiving

Q: Why should I spend my budget on electronic (email) marketing instead of traditional print advertising?
A: Can you make a reservation, purchase a ticket or gift, watch a video or listen to a clip from a CD or an audio narration, join a Travel Club, track the number of viewers, or forward instantly across the nation/world instantly, with an ad in a magazine or newspaper? NO. You can with an XStreamAd!

Q: Is electronic marketing with XStreamAds expensive?
A: No. Electronic marketing with XStreamAds costs a fraction of the price of TV or magazine/newspape print advertising.

Q: How do I know my XStreamAd (email ad) is actually being emailed?
A: Every XStreamAd has extensive tracking. We know exactly how many people opened the XStreamAd, the number who clicked-through to the advertiser's own web site & how many watched the video (video is optional), etc.. Don't be fooled by those companies that SPAM, or who are contracted by you to deliver a pre-determined number of emails and ultimately deliver just a fraction of that number. We base our success and respect from the Travel & Entertainment Industry on our policy of Honesty, Ethics, Quality & Value.

Q: What is the difference between your lists and Spam?
A: Our lists are ALL double opt-in (email recipients asked twice to receive travel & entertainment related information). Our lists of 80 million general consumer travelers, 95,000 national Meeting Planners and Travel Agents and 170,000 global Travel Agents and Meeting Planners, are of the highest quality/ producing available.

Q: Can I target my broadcasts?
A: Yes. We can target as detailed as you like: Geographically, age, income, gender, marital status, interests & hobbies, etc.. Targeted broadcasts are a little more expensive than general consumer broadcasts, but do generate a better response (although BOTH lists are good!).

Q: Can you provide special programs for CVBs and Tourist Boards, reflecting an entire destination?
A: Yes! We can include several pages (similar to a magazine) that provides ALL needed information, photos, videos, specification sheets and links to web site for additional information. Click to view: Hawaii Showcase

Q: Why are your XStreamAds (email ads) better than the embedded Flash/video type emails?
A: If Flash or video (all Java based) is embedded directly onto the email itself (as opposed to a link from the email), less than 50% of all email recipients will be able to view it. Most virus programs disable what is necessary to view Flash and Java on an email. XStreamAds do not use Flash or Java on the email itself. We do utilize flash, Java and video, on secondary pages. Our primary email includes a graphically intensive slide show presentation, detailed copy and links to your web site, providing all viewers with unparalleled information without the use of Flash or Java.

Q: What is required by me to have an XStreamAd designed and broadcast?
A: It is simple. Depending on which type of ad you choose, we will need 8-10 .jpg images of your property/service, logo, video (optional) and ad copy. We do the rest! Your final XStreamAd will be complete in 5-10 working days and broadcast to your selected database.

Q: How many people do you broadcast to at a time?
A: Most co-op XStreamAds are broadcast to 1 MILLION people. Individual campaigns are broadcast to as many people as the advertiser wishes to contract for. Our XStreamAd tracking shows 10%- 40% are opened (depending on the campaign) and a 1/2%- 5% click-through to the advertiser's web site. Because of the dynamic, graphic nature of our XStreamAds, they are opened more, viewed longer, forwarded up to 6 times per viewer, and can collected and stored indefinately, for future reference.

Q: Can I use my gorgeous XStreamAd pages as my web site?
A: Yes. With simple modification, we can transform your XStreamAd pages into a web site and add as many additional pages as requested. We can even add links to existing pages on your site. Take a look:

Q: Can I secure my own co-op XStreamAd advertisers?
A: Yes. We will also include a discount for those that do secure co-op advertisers.