Valley of the Kings

The pristine island of Huahine lies 175 kilometers (110 miles) northwest of Tahiti in the South-Pacific, midway of the USA, China, Japan and Australia. An abundance of lush dense forests on the slopes of a breathtaking geography, Huahine is surrounded by ever-warm turquoise waters with intricate marine ecosystems and consists of a valley nested below mountainous spines over a crystalline ocean lagoon. Historically known as Valley of the Kings, home to the original Polynesian Royalty, and adjacent to archeology sites dating back to 700 A.D., this land conveys an exceptional relationship to nature and culture.

Residential View Lot Program

Phases I, II, III, IV & V

A Custom Home Dream Villa, Tahitian style. The most coveted lifestyle at Tahiti Beach Resort is reserved for those within the rare enclave of Ari’i Nui Estates. Rising high on the southern slope of the valley for panoramic views, the site will present a fortunate few with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a custom dream home amidst some of the most unspoiled tropical scenery on earth. Tahiti Beach Resort residential view lot program includes a very limited number of golf course, resort, or ocean view Lots for individual residences and is currently a “land option sale only” program ranging from .30 acres to 3 acres respectively.

A. Design Considerations:
  • Planned resort and unique residential community
  • Integrated green resort with latest technology to all areas
  • Design focus on theming and nature
  • High priority item is security and privacy
  • Easy access to all resort areas
  • Secure investment because of overall resort planning
B. Provided Design elements:
  • Themed private entry with a security gate and lush tropical landscaping
  • Internal access road with themed landscaping
  • Themed signage
  • Low level landscape lighting along internal access roadway
  • Themed architectural edge treatment of internal roadway
  • Themed security fencing separating the resort from adjacent land owners
  • All lot pads located to optimize views and vistas and nestle into hillside minimizing grade disturbance
  • All lots with themed landscape buffer to screen neighbors for additional privacy
  • Focus on saving as much native vegetation as possible on lots
  • Tahiti Beach Resort planner will meet and review all house footprint locations
  • Tahiti Beach Resort theme design team - architect and planner / landscape architect – will review all documents for construction for appropriateness if not developed by Tahiti Beach Resort theme team
  • Underground utilities for all lots, all buildings to be energy efficient electric smart homes utilizing built in solar
  • All necessary infrastructure will be in place for lot development
  • Themed security fence to divide lot parcelslot layouts contingent on final topographical & tree survey, geology and site review

Resort Villa Program


Stretching from lagoon to jungled valley, the resort is situated near the village of Tefareri’i, literally meaning the house of the king, as this land was the home of Huahine’s royal family—a sacred place of kings and queens, with legendary Raiatean chief Tamatoa.