Resort Amenities Overview

  • Golf Course
  • Boutique Casino
  • Yacht Harbor
  • Festive Retail
  • Conference Center
  • Adventure Zone
  • Outdoor Theatre
  • Recreational Amenities

When that first airliner touched down in Papeete in 1960 signaling the start of Tahitian tourism, there was never a good reason for a golfer to make the flight. Now there is. As the first championship golf course in all of French Polynesia, Tehaapapa Golf Club at Huahine Beach will attract golf enthusiasts from all over the world.

With unspoiled native landscape as canvas the designer will create nothing short of a masterpiece. Eighteen holes will lead golfers through a delightful tropical maze of flora and fauna, almost as if each round were one part golf, one part ecological adventure. Literally carved from volcanic hillsides, the challenging fairways, undulating greens, and unique water features will appeal to golfers of every level. Stunning ocean views on many holes may prove too distracting for some.

Each easygoing round will culminate at a comfortable and spacious Clubhouse situated adjacent to the spectacular finishing hole — a favorite place for golfers to compare handicaps, or simply relax and revel in the fact that they just played one of the most beautiful courses on earth.

In keeping with Tahiti's principles of pleasure, every aspect of golf at Tehaapapa is dedicated to the enjoyment of the game. An accommodating golf Concierge and full staff of attendants are always at one's service. Golfers need never lift a finger. They will be whisked over to the starting hole, clubs polished and golf cart waiting and ready. Once into a golfer's round, one can expect a visit from the course Marshall, who's always eager to provide a cool towel, a refreshing bottle of water, or even an authentic Polynesian mai tai.

The championship golf course will be 18 holes with a putting & pitching areas, a driving range, and a 16,000 square foot clubhouse. This championship golf course is an amenity that will help to generate both lodging occupancy and property sales. It may also serve cruise ship passengers to the extent that capacity' is available to do so.

Guests after tying up their boat from a leisurely journey or spending the day at the Adventure Zone, hitting the shops, nightclubs for drinks and dancing may enjoy a sumptuous meal at one of the resort's restaurants and try their luck at the Casino. A small Boutique 22,000 square feet casino is included in the Resort as an amenity to allow guests to pass uncommitted time during their stay and between. This is only one of the many entertainment venues available to guests at the resort. Tahiti Beach Resort is not a Las Vegas gaming resort and is not meant to be but another entertainment opportunity.

Located at the resort's south shore, an accommodating a variety of size slips in the Yacht Harbor provides state of the art yacht harbor and safe anchor for South Seas navigators from all horizons. The harbor and pier is capable of handling water craft of all types is part of the plan. It should include all manner of boats and water craft to provide on-site access to all of the boating, diving, snorkeling, fishing, touring, and other water activities so popular on the Islands of French Polynesia. This is planned as a harbor for touring yachts not long-term slip rental. The only permanent slip use will be by vessels available for use by resort guests. At nothing more than a whim, one may choose to cruise the lagoon via an authentic Tiki-Boat, or navigate the neighboring isles of Raiatea or Tahaa. For boat owners living on the island of Tahiti, the Yacht Harbor makes Tahiti Beach Resort an especially easy and desirable getaway. Tying up after the leisurely journey, seagoing revelers may enjoy a sumptuous meal at one of the resort’s restaurants, try their luck at the Casino, and then hit the nightclub for drinks and dancing.

Village Shops and Entertainment

In the Resort Core lies the heartbeat of the Tahiti Beach Resort. The Festive Retail Village and Entertainment venues create the ambience and adventures that reverberates in the minds of children and businessmen alike, long after they have returned to their lives back home. The activities are so diverse in this Cultural mecca that it has an energy all to itself, conceived naturally as the Tahitian Village becomes the apex for melding the people, their lives, their talents and their cultures together. Where history meets mystery and the activity greets the legend, travelers from abroad as well as the neighboring islands will gravitate toward this electricity, previously unseen anywhere in the South Pacific.

The varying Tahitian talents experienced across the promenade are a spectacle for the eyes. The shops that are lined along the pathway are a seemingly natural progression of history. It's as though they have evolved with the many generations of families just taking life on in a day to day fashion, and enjoying every minute of it. The artist, the baker, the singers and dancers articulating a particular flow and a genuine smile, but surprisingly apparent that it's not just a performance for me, it's simply what they do, and who they are.

The formula is simple but rarely executed with such precision as the Tahiti Beach Resort. The Village generates the magnetism that travelers are seeking, and the Resort's ambiance and Real Estate opportunities are the perfect reason to return. The canvas for this project is the extraordinary Island, the charming people and the local character of Huahine

(Located in Hotel Parcel “B”)

The Valley of the Kings would be the perfect venue for hosting not only the French Polynesian Government but also the dignitaries from various Countries as well. What could be a better representation of the people than the elegant and regal setting that the Tahiti Beach Resort would provide as the various representatives enter the Kings Palace and sense the magnificent and majestic history of Polynesian Royalty.

The Resort Center common area will feature a Tahitian water theme park featuring freeform, natural looking pools with zero entry’s access points fed by the meandering fresh water streams flowing from the hotel lobby. A small lazy river with waterfalls, fountains that shoot into the river and occasionally bubble, belch and rumble, erupting from the river bottom caused by ancient underwater volcanic vents. A children’s magic rock garden where playful spirits are said to inhabit rocks that squirt water and make happy funny sounds when children are near. There’s also a shallow natural river pool and slippery slide for the little folks to enjoy. One can stroll past blowholes and surface erupting steam vents, a enjoy a natural spa warmed by active lava tubes and volcanic vents. There is a swim up bar surrounded with tropical legation and a “uphill stream” created by ancient volcanic “plumbing” that transports guests to the top of the palace grounds so they can float, slide and splash back down to the mouth of the lagoon again and again. Across the freshwater lagoon and at the apex of view from the Palace sits an ancient structure said to have been built by the original inhabitants of Huahine. Some say it sits directly over a fissure in the earth’s crust which accounts for the natural water sprays, some as high as 100 feet in the air. In the daytime guests explore its unusual nooks and crannies as they enjoy the world-class water park. In the evening the Structure becomes the backdrop for the performance stage for the amphitheater, with high divers, water eruptions, and fire effects. There are underwater caves that provide entertainment and learning experience for both the snorkeling enthusiast and also for those who want to stay dry.

Adventure Zone Recreation
  • Boat conveyance to Hotels & Village
  • Swimming* Aquatic Amphitheatre
  • Swim with Tropical Fish* Tahitian Night time Extravaganza
  • Snorkel experience* Water Outrigger ride
  • Sand Volleyball* Water Slides & Volcano
  • Beach Movie Fest* Interactive water attractions
  • Beaches (fresh and salt water)

The Magic of the Sun, at just the right time each day, sunlight is captured by a tower reflector and bounced by other reflection devices in just the right way to illuminate a special interior feature (a sculpture or a special location on a map, etc.) in the on-site, Huahine Museum of Tahitian Experience where stories, accomplishments and cultural expressions of the people of Huahine, Tahiti and Polynesia are shared, displayed and portrayed (Tahiti torches and a sunset lighting ceremony). There would be dramatic theatrical lighting of all grounds, water features throughout resort area and facilities.

Experience the Unique!

The Valley of the Kings would be the perfect venue for hosting not only the French Polynesian Government but also the dignitaries from various Countries as well. What could be a better representation of the people than the elegant and regal setting that the Tahiti Beach Resort would provide as the various representatives enter the Kings Palace and sense the magnificent and majestic history of Polynesian Royalty.

In an enchanted tropical realm, the resort will capture the ambiance of Tahiti in the 1950’s. A distant Garden of Eden made real, from the resort center to the water park, from the yacht harbor to beach zone and golf ground, yet with state-of-the-art media and top world-level communications services. The classic rendition of Tahiti—as depicted in movies like South Pacific—is what travelers long for. And this is what they will find in every experience at Tahiti Beach Resort! The ancient Tahitian people expressed a deeply profound love and respect for the ocean. Modern-day Tahitians feel just as passionate, as their very existence continues to be intertwined with the sea. To celebrate this inseparable relationship and enjoy the amazing waters of our lagoon and beyond, Tahiti Beach Resort will offer a water recreation program like no other in French Polynesia. Water sports Director Marc Garnier, the most respected outfitter on the island, will treat guests and residents to every water adventure imaginable. Discover uncharted bays and lagoons in a kayak or outrigger canoe. Go kite-surfing or jet-skiing.